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Swedish Underground Ventilation AB (SWEDFAN) has designed and manufactured underground ventilation systems for large scale tunneling and mining projects since 1995.

SWEDFAN has designed more than 2.000 tunneling projects worldwide until today. 

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The company Swedvent Technologies AB was founded in 1995, in which the Swedfan fans were designed and manufactured. Also in 1995, the company Swedtarp AB was founded in Sweden for ducting manufacturing. The fans and ducting were sold under the brand GIA SWEDVENT. In 2012, the company name was changed to Swedish Underground Ventilation AB and the fan and ducting brand changed to SWEDFAN.

In 2009 the workshop and company Cotefa was founded in Kunshan, China. The workshop mainly supplies the ducting to the Chinese market where SWEDFAN is today considered as the “number 1 foreign supplier of ventilation”. The fans are still manufactured in Sweden by the original workshop since 1995. The inventor and designer of the SWEDFAN Fans is one of the owners, Mr. Bo Strömsholm, and the inventor and designer of the SWEDFAN Ducting is the owner Mr. Ivan Nilsson.

Demand continued to grow and another company, Protefa s.r.o, was founded in 2016 in Adamov, Czech Republic for ducting manufacturing.

Swedish Underground Ventilation AB still has its headquarter in Malmö, Sweden, and today offers complete turnkey ventilation systems under the brand SWEDFAN.

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