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The Swedfan Repair Sleeve is a fast and secure tool for repairing holes and tears of flexible ducting. The sleeve is made from standard duct material and a longitudinal zipper for closing the sleeve. The sleeve is made approx. 0.5% smaller than the nominal duct diameter which will allow the sleeve to be really tight against the duct once the duct is pressurized. With the repair sleeve, the repair will be professionally done and the leakage from any hole will be reduced to a minimum.

The repair sleeves are manufactured in standard lengths 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 m. Other lengths will be manufactured upon request.

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SWEDFAN Repair Kit Including Hot Air Gun with roller and 1 sqm of PVC material for repairing the damaged Ducting. Always have a clean and dry fabric to work on. Repairing with the Hot Air Gun is the professional way to repair ducting. The result is optimal durability of a repaired damage and no leakage. When using Hot Air Gun, always have something direct under the area you are repairing ! It’s very hot, be careful when using and protect yourself!

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