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SWEDFAN high pressure tunneling fans are manufactured in Sweden, ensuring the highest quality in accordance to Scandinavian quality standards.

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A large hub, short blades and small gap between the blades and fan casting result in the capability of the fans working against very high system pressures. The impellers rotate towards specially designed guide vanes eliminate swirl and turbulence. This fact and the extreme twist of the blades contribute to the efficiency and the low sound levels.

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Heavy duty construction

​SWEDFAN Mining and Tunnelling Fans are made in very robust and heavy duty design with fully welded flanges. The anti-rust protection is designed for withstanding acid and aggressive environments.

Adjustable airflow

​The impellers consist of hub of steel or aluminium and individually adjustable blades of aluminium. The possibility of changing the blade angle gives the advantage of using the same fan for a number of different tunnel conditions. E.g.a.∅ 1250 mm fan can be set to deliver from ≈16 m3/s ≈ 44m3/s. An additional advantage is that only the blades need to be changed when the impellers are overhauled. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced.

Made in Sweden

​The fans are manufactured in Sweden. In cooperation with both domestic and international research institutes, a continuous development work is carried out. The aim is to further increase the efficiency, increase the capability of the fans delivering air at higher system pressures, further lower the sound levels and to improve the automatic controlled ventilation.


SWEDFAN Mining and Tunnelling Fans are equipped with ISO classified high quality motors. Lubrication of motor bearings is done from outside the casing. e motors are labelled with individual serial numbers for future search of spare parts etc. Thermistors are mounted directly onto the motor windings for sensing the heat of the winding. A reduced cooling of the motors (due to dirt on the cooling ribs etc) will not burn out of the motors, provided that thermistors are connected to monitoring or shut-down devices.

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Great experience

SWEDFAN System Design uses calculations based on in situ measurements from more than 600 different tunnelling jobs.
SWEDFAN makes calculations using PC-supported software and the calculations are presented as calculation sheets showing project specific data. Total leakage is presented as “leakage factor“ which states how much more air that has to be delivered from the fan compared to the amount of air delivered at the heading.

To date SWEDFAN can show a great number of major tunnelling projects where SWEDFAN made the ventilation system design with fully satisfactory ventilation during the entire project.

Quality Control

SWEDFAN works according to the quality system ISO 9001 and the fans are delivered with CE marking affixed.
Every fan is tested before delivery and accompanied by a test report with the capacity curve drawn.

Regulated Ventilation

For optimized energy saving and variated air flow, SWEDFAN Mining and Tunnelling Fans can be provided with the following two alternative solutions for adjusting the air flow as the fans are running:

  • Two-speed or multi-speed fan motors.

  • Frequency inverters.

Large Capacity Range

SWEDFAN Mining and Tunnelling Fans are manufactured in many different diameters and capacities, from Ø630 to Ø2240 mm and from 1.5 to 200 m3/s. 
The fans can withstand a system pressure of up to 4200 Pa per stage.
At higher system pressures two or more fans are mounted in series into one multi-fan station.

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Click to download the Technical Specification for Swedfan high pressure tunneling Fans.

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