Swedfan designed delivered Fans and Ducting to the Baihetan HEP project in China

At the border between the two provinces Sichuan and Yunnan in China, the worlds largest underground hydroelectric power project is under construction. The will generate 16.000 MW when it starts it production in mid 2021. The dam will be the worlds second largest concrete dam with its 8,6 million m3 of concrete. The dam height will be 286 m.

Underground, the machine halls, headrace- and other tunnels will have a total tunnel length of 130 km.
Swedish Underground Ventilation AB (”SUVAB”) designed the complete scope of the tunnelling ventilation and as of today, a total of 110 SWEDFAN tunnelling fans and 150 km of SWEDFAN flexible ducting has been delivered to this project.
The ventilation has been a sucess and the owner of the project, China power company Three Gorges, has recieved a technical medal from the government in Beijing for technical progressive innovations for improvements of environment in underground works.

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