SWEDFAN deliver Ventilation to Kashuang water tunnel, China.

In the north-west corner of China in the Xinjiang province, tunnelling works of the  has begun. This tunnel stretches along the Mongolian border and will when finished be over 500 km long. It is said to be the longest tunnel in the world. Including adit tunnels, more than 600 km of tunnels will be constructed. This mega-project will employ 18 TBMs in diameter from 5,5 to 7,2 m working simultaneously and 25 different Chinese contractors will finish this tunnel in only 3 years. Approximately 60% will be excavated by TBMs, remaining by drill & blast.
A large number of ventilation systems from SWEDFAN are ventilating the construction works with fans from 55 up to 160 kW and flexible ducting from 1400 up to 2400 mm diameter.
One challenge for the ventilation will be the long ventilation distances, the longest being 27,5 km without any shafts or adit tunnels. Taking use of 25 years experience of designing tunnelling ventilation, SWEDFANwill solve this 27,5 km ”dead end” vent distance using only one portal fan station 3×160 kW and 2,4 m diameter ducting.

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