SWEDFAN Swedish Underground Ventilation AB is a supplier of a turnkey ventilation system for undergrund works.  engaged in manufacturing, development, sales of High-pressure tunneling fans and Flexilble ventilation Ducting in PVC coated fabrics, Dust collectors, Cooling system, Ventilation system design and Project supervision. The product mix main parts is Fans and Ducting and custom accessories for underground ventilation. Swedfan increases its customers’ competitiveness by providing a wide and deep knowledge of customers’ businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise in ventilation products.


SWEDFAN to be leaders in their fields of activity and engage in continuous development to improve and diversify its product mix to focus on customer benefit. Swedfan shall be available for the entire market where Swedfan should be the first choice for the entire industry.

Target Market goal 

SWEDFAN is through steady growth establish the company in markets world wide. Financial goals are to have strong growth with good profitability with a focus on organic growth.


SWEDFAN is to achieve growth and profitability through organic growth of existing product mix and equipment under his own development. Achieve increased market share through geographic expansion by using own activities in other markets as well as through resellers. Swedfan more than 20 years of experience should be used to meet today’s demands from our customers. Our brand Swedfan will continue to be strengthened through communication with customers by traditional means and through new channels and media forms.