Mr. Bo Strömsholm founded in 1995 the company SWEDVENT Technologies in with he designed the Swedvent tunnelling fans which were manufactured by a local workshop here in Sweden. He also founded the company SWEDTARP AB together with his partner Mr Ivan Nilsson. We manufactured the fans and ducting and sold both through GIA Industry. GIA Sales organisation sold our fans and ducting as a “Complete ventilation system” to tunnelling contractors under the product name GIA Swedvent.

The person who did all the ventilation design and did most of the selling was Mr. Bo Strömsholm.   We reached a great deal of the tunnelling market during these years.

In 2012, Atlas Copco purchased GIA Industry . We realized that working for Atlas in the way they wanted to run the ventilation, we did not believe in, so we continued with Swedvent Tech AB and Swedtarp AB selling the fans and ducting directly to the tunnelling contractors and mines. So, we are still doing today at great success. Unfortunately, we had to change our products name from Swedvent to SWEDFAN as our trademark (and company name Swedish Underground Ventilation AB) since Altas Copco managed to register SWEDVENT as their trademark. Our fans and our ducting is though still the same as when we started in 1995 with some exceptions due to product development.

In 2009, we also started one more workshop for the duct manufacturing in Kunshan, China. This workshop mainly supplies the ducting to the Chinese market where we today are considered as the “number 1 foreign supplier of ventilation”. The fans we still manufacture in Sweden by the original workshop since 1995. The inventor and designer of our Fans is one of our owner Mr. Bo Strömsholm, and the inventor and designer of our Ducting is one of our owner Mr. Ivan Nilsson.

As a fantastic reference project, we can mention the “Baihetan Hydro Electric project in Sichuan province in China, it will be the world’s biggest underground HEPP and we have so far delivered 130 fans and 150 km of ducting for this project. For our other reference projects, please refer to our references list.

In 2015, we also moved most of our workshop for the duct manufacturing in Sweden to Adamov Czech Republic. The rest we moved to new location in Sweden, in Malmö where we have some production and the sales and administration located.

The SWEDFAN underground ventilation system is unique in the way that one and the same company manufacture both fans and ducting and also undertak the design of the ventilation system.

SWEDFAN is taking the full responsibility for the functionality of the complete ventilation system.