SWEDFAN Underground Ventilation System

SWEDFAN undertakes the design and calculations for total ventilation systems, manufacture and supply heavy-duty high pressure axial tunneling fans for airflows from 2.5 to 200 cu m/sec and in diameters of 500 to 2,300 mm. These are characterized by highest possible pressure capacity together with low energy consumption and low noise. The fans are delivered with all necessary accessories such as silencers, frequency inverters, dust filters and cooling machines.

To make the supply from SWEDFAN complete, also the flexible ducting is manufactured in house. The ducting is manufactured from PVC-coated polyester fabric in diameters from 300-3,000 mm and lengths of 10-300 m, together with any bends and branch pipes required. The duct fabrics are made with so called “rip-stop” which prevents and mechanical damages to further tear.

Manufacturing facilities are located in Sweden, Czech Republic and Shanghai, China.