SWEDFAN deliver Ventilation to Kashuang water tunnel, China.

In the north-west corner of China in the Xinjiang province, tunnelling works of the  has begun. This tunnel stretches along the Mongolian border and will when finished be over 500 km long. It is said to be the longest tunnel in the world. Including adit tunnels, more than 600 km of tunnels will be constructed. This mega-project will employ 18 TBMs in diameter from 5,5 to 7,2 m working simultaneously and 25 different Chinese contractors will finish this tunnel in only 3 years. Approximately 60% will be excavated by TBMs, remaining by drill & blast.
A large number of ventilation systems from SWEDFAN are ventilating the construction works with fans from 55 up to 160 kW and flexible ducting from 1400 up to 2400 mm diameter.
One challenge for the ventilation will be the long ventilation distances, the longest being 27,5 km without any shafts or adit tunnels. Taking use of 25 years experience of designing tunnelling ventilation, SWEDFANwill solve this 27,5 km ”dead end” vent distance using only one portal fan station 3×160 kW and 2,4 m diameter ducting.

Swedfan designed delivered Fans and Ducting to the Baihetan HEP project in China

At the border between the two provinces Sichuan and Yunnan in China, the worlds largest underground hydroelectric power project is under construction. The will generate 16.000 MW when it starts it production in mid 2021. The dam will be the worlds second largest concrete dam with its 8,6 million m3 of concrete. The dam height will be 286 m.

Underground, the machine halls, headrace- and other tunnels will have a total tunnel length of 130 km.
Swedish Underground Ventilation AB (”SUVAB”) designed the complete scope of the tunnelling ventilation and as of today, a total of 110 SWEDFAN tunnelling fans and 150 km of SWEDFAN flexible ducting has been delivered to this project.
The ventilation has been a sucess and the owner of the project, China power company Three Gorges, has recieved a technical medal from the government in Beijing for technical progressive innovations for improvements of environment in underground works.

Swedfan deliver Ventilation to a mega-sized sea crossing linking.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge project is a mega-sized sea crossing linking the city of Zhuhai with Hong Kong and Macao at the waters of Pearl River estuary. This highway link comprise 23 km of dual 3-lane bridge and a 6,7 km immersed tube tunnel (said to be the worlds longest).

The construction of an immersed tube tunnel is a great challenge concerning the ventilation. After the tunnel segments have been placed at the seafloor, a massive concrete work starts since 1,2 m thick layer of concrete must be poured to the segments floor in order to keep the segments in place. During this work, not only will there be a great number of concrete trucks inside the tunnel but also will the concrete emit lot of heat when hardening.

SWEDFAN delivered 4 larger fan stations 250 kW and 13 km of 2,6 diameter ducting.

The project is assumed to be finished early 2018.

Swedfan at World Tunneling Conference in Bergen 2017-06-12

SWEDFAN AVH-R160 with 2×200 kW motors exposed at the World Tunneling Conference in Bergen 2017-06-12. Opening speach held by His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.


Swedfan deliver to Förbifart Stockholm, Sweden

The project Förbifart Stockholm is a bypass-link connecting the E4 highway north of Stockholm to the same highway south of Stockholm. A total of 21 km of highway will be built of which 18 km trough tunnels. The dual tunnels together with 6 adits, ramps will require more than 45 km of tunnels.
SWEDFAN designed the construction ventilation for two of the major lots which will be built by Subterra and a JV of CMC/Vianini and SWEDFAN signed the contract to supply the complete ventilation system for those two contracts.
13 larger fan stations, each up to 355 kW and 24.000 m of ducting, mainly 2,0 2,4 and 2,6 m in diameter is included in the scope of supply.


Swedfan in Vietnam

Swedfan tunneling fans in operation at Cumong twin road tunnels, Vietnam. Each tunnel 2,6 km, two fan stations each 2×90 kw with 1.400 mm Swedfan flexible ducting.


Swedfan deliver Ventilation to Jammu Kashmir in Pakistan

Excavation of the HEPP Neelum Jhelum in Jammu Kashmir of Pakistan started in 2007 and when completed in 2018, it will with it’s 969 MW become the fourth largest hydropower station in Pakistan.
Totally 40 tunnelling fans and 58 km of flexible ducting from SWEDFAN was utilized for ventilating the drill & blast excavation.


SWEDFAN ventilation system in Korea

SWEDFAN ventilation system at work at the POHANG-SAMCHUK RAMILWAY CONT.9 project, Korea. SWEDFAN ventilation system is at present ventilating more than 10 tunneling projects in Korea such as MILYANG-ULSAN HIGHWAY CONT.5, CHEONMASAN TUNNEL, SINRIM-BONGCHUN CONT.2 and MOKDONG RAIN WATER STORAGE.

Swedfan held a Seminar in Thailand

SWEDFAN held a successful speach concerning design of ventilation for drill & blast tunnelling at the Rock Blasting Technique Seminar, Bangkok together with colleague companies SOLAR and TITAN. 50+ key persons from the Thai tunnelling sector was eager to learn about latest technology.


New employee

Mr. Peter Dime has joined Swedfan International AB as our new Sales Director.