Flexible Ducting

SWEDFAN Flexible Ducting is manufactured from PVC-coated polyester fabric and is distinguished by the relatively low weight with kept high strength values which results in a very pliabel and easy to handle duct.

SWEDFAN Flexible Ducting is manufactured in diameters from 300 up to 3000 mm and in unit lengths from 10 m up to 200 m. All fabric joints are vulcanized 40 mm wide. Every unit length is marked with information regarding diameter, unit length, quality, max allowed working pressure and manufacturing date.

Diameter and Quality Standard

SWEDFAN Flexible Ducting is manufactured in two different standard qualities and in two antistatic qualities which all fulfil the following Flame Retardant standards DIN 4102-B1, MSHA and EN13501-1 regarding fire resistance. SWEDFAN works according to the quality system ISO 9001 and all strength values are continuously tested in the production.


Every inch, the base fabric is made with an enhanced yarn which dramatically increases the tear strength.  This feature eliminates the ducting to further-tear longitudinally under normal conditions.

Standard coupling system

Every flexible ducting is manufactured with a steel ring vulcanized in one or both ends of every unit length. The outer diameter of the steel ring is equivalent to the nominal diameter of the duct.

The unit lengths are connected together by pulling the end of one duct over the end with steel ring of next duct. Around the joint, a SWEDFAN coupling clamp is positioned. The coupling clamp is made of 1.5 mm profiled galvanized steel with mounted threaded crank.  The joint is sealed by tightening the coupling clamp using the threaded crank. This is the standard coupling system of SWEDFAN ducting.


Both duct ends are fitted with a split zipper of heavy duty PVC-type.  The protection-fl ap hides the zipper on the outside and seals the joint on the inside, according to the principle “the higher pressure the tighter joint”.

The ZIP-joint eliminates the coupling clamp and steel ring at the duct end. With the ZIP-joint the ducting is delivered on standard pallets 1200 x 800 mm.

Suspension system

The ducting, as standard, is delivered with mounted suspension hooks c/c 0.75 m in one line (from Ø 300 to Ø 1700 mm) and c/c 1.0 m in two parallel lines (from Ø 1800 to Ø 3000 mm).

Every hook is fixed to the duct by a fabric “strap” which is vulcanized to the duct. This construction eliminates holes in the fabric which would break the armour and weaken the construction (compare “eyelets”). Further, this construction also eliminates the common longitudinal continuous suspension “flap” with eyelets which also contributes to keeping the duct pliable and the weight low.